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ATM Services


Titanium Security Australia offers ATM services to commercial & business clients. The Company supplies, installs and maintains ATM’s at any location with a demand for cash supply. ATM placement boasts numerous benefits for retailers. The Company makes ATM placement completely worry free for our clients. Not only is the ATM supplied free of charge, but we also takes care of all maintenance, repairs and cash loading. Commercial & business clients with ATM’s sited at their premises can then sit back and enjoy a percentage per transaction cash injection, hassle free.

enjoy the benefits of having an ATM located at your premises

  • A generous percentage per transaction return
  • Attract new potential customers into your business
  • Worry-free ATM installation and maintenance
  • Fast start-up, with no back-end ATM management required
  • Easy access to cash for your patrons leading to an increase in spending (A vital objective for any successful business)
  • Cash in hand that your customers can spend on site
  • Increased Sales – Studies show that an ATM can increase a business’s sales as much as 8%
  • Cash Retention – 25% of the cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent on the premises. This number can be as high as 75% for nightclubs, bars and restaurants.
  • Control bad debt – Cash does not bounce. When a customer uses cash from an ATM it cuts down the charge backs, disputes, returned checks, and the stress associated with these incidents.
  • Reduced merchant costs – By directing your customer to the ATM, you can greatly reduce the credit card fees you are currently paying. Credit card transactions cost between 2% and 3% of a purchase. Instead of paying Visa and MasterCard, make money instead when a customer withdraws cash.
  • Improved image. By providing new and unique services for your patrons, your image is improved. An ATM only adds to the overall value to your store.

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