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Adapting to new and potentially dangerous situations — and forming effective security solutions — is at the heart of what we do in the Australian security industry. And while our country has largely been immune to much of the instability faced in other regions of the world, 2020 has certainly created a new environment where the safety and protection of communities is at the forefront of our minds.

Just as we battled the ice epidemic in Australia — and set up realistic scenarios for our security guards to train in — we now must adapt to the multitude of security challenges COVID has created.

A short time ago, when Adelaide was facing a growing ice epidemic, we transformed our warehouse into a makeshift nightclub; enabling our guards to train in a realistic situation where they had to identify high risk targets and manage the security threat caused by ice users.

Now with the ongoing concern of COVID community transmissions, the role of the security guard is heightened. Not only are well being trained and equipped to manage the safety of our clients and our team – but we also have a duty of care to the wider community.

Titanium Security has navigated this pandemic with a focus on up-to-the-minute information regarding Government health warnings and restrictions, which shapes our specialised security training.

We have implemented a stringent COVID-Safe plan for our team, and we have initiated additional procedures so our guards are able to safely work in any environment.

As the COVID-19 situation changes daily, it’s essential that security officers are armed with the latest information and techniques on how to operate safely.

It has been widely reported that security officers in Victoria have contracted COVID-19, and it is this exposure to transmission that makes us go the extra mile to ensure the safest security practices.

Our sister company, Specialised Career Solutions Adelaide, delivers a free online course, detailing Infection Control Principles for Security Officers.

This course has been undertaken by a number of our team members and assists personnel in preparing for and managing situations that they would face in their daily work schedule.

From Government buildings to hospitals and nightclubs to supermarkets, security personnel are at risk of exposure to community transmission while they are working.

There is also the increased economic and social instability, which COVID has helped create, that has increased the need for trusted security services.

As a well-established company, you can rest assured that our security specialists at Titanium Security stay a step ahead of the rest. We invest in our staff and ensure best practice for every security solution we provide.

Whether the job requires security staff to monitor social distancing, monitor worker or visitor temperatures, or manage crowd control, our officers are trained in maintaining correct hygiene standards, decreasing the risk of airborne or contact transmissions and safe workplace practices.  

If you would like to learn more about our Adelaide security solutions, contact Titanium Security on 1300 800 667 and let us look after you throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

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